We've had several of our clients clients call us since the storm came through our area Sunday evening asking for help with hail damage. If you were in the pathway of the storm, we'd definitely recommend you have a roofer come inspect your roof to check for damage - even if you can't see any visible damage. 

We'd also caution you to beware of any door-to-door roofers. This time of year tends to bring out the less trustworthy companies and you definitely don't want to get scammed when it comes to filing a roof insurance claim.

Lucky for you, we have connections to some wonderful, reputable roofers in the area and have already been able to set several of our clients up with a roof inspection! 

Here are our preferred vendors that we'd recommend you call for a roof inspection:

Water-Tite Roofing

Brian Snell


[email protected]

Webster Roofing

Bill Webster


Tarrant Roofing

Steve Meadows