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How to Protest Your Property Tax Value

Jay Marks


Jan 24 3 minutes read

If you received your property tax appraisal and were shocked by what you saw, you are not alone! I have helped lots of people throughout my career in preparing to protest their property taxes, so I want to share with you what you can do to protest.

Within 30 days of receiving your notice, you need to file a protest with whichever appraisal district you belong to explaining why you feel the appraisal is incorrect. You can do this in person, via a written protest, or some appraisal districts allow you to do it online. If you file in person at an informal meeting and both you and the appraiser agree on a value, you’re done! If that does not happen, or if you submit a written protest, the appraisal district will ask you to come in and present your case to the review board.

Either way, it’s important to BE PREPARED! Which means the best thing you can do is get in touch with a Realtor (like me) to help you gather comparable sales in your area or help you determine any mistakes they could have made with regard to square footage, bedrooms, etc. I can also guide you through the process of collecting photos of the property that might help support your opinion of the property’s value.

If you end up needing to present to the board, you can also go sit in on other people’s hearings, which will help you better understand the process and what you should be prepared to present. Those hearings are open to the public.

Like I said, every Spring I help lots of people with their property tax appraisals, and I’m more than happy to offer that service to you!

Call me at 972.724.2540 or email me at [email protected]. Give me the address information for which property (or properties) you want to protest and let’s get started!

No need to stress, Jay Marks is here for you!

*Here are some links to local Appraisal District websites for your convenience:

Denton CAD:
Tarrant Appraisal District:
Collin CAD:
Dallas Central Appraisal District:

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